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Protecto-Ezeflor epoxy flooring systems are exceptionally hard wearing floor toppings with outstanding adhesion, chemical resistance, compressive and flexural strength. They provide a long lasting, non-dusting, seamless surface which is easy to clean and maintain. Protecto-Ezeflor levels out holes and imperfections in the Primer floor which facilitates movements of forklifts, pallet trucks and trolleys and also prevents further deterioration of the substrate.




  • High abrasion resistance

  • Excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oils and chemicals

  • Good adhesion to substrate

  • High compressive and flexural strength

  • Easy application and maintenance

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial

  • Dust free and anti-skid

  • Fast curing

  • Available in wide variety of colours

  • Antistatic and food grade available




Protecto-Ezeflor flooring systems can be tailor made to suit the requirements of the customer. The choice of system and thickness of the floor will depend on various factors such as load, type of traffic, chemical resistance, safety requirements, operating temperature, aesthetics and economics.






The surface on which the floor coating is to be applied should be freed from all traces of dirt, grease and impurities. Commonly used surface preparation techniques include dust‑free sand/grit blasting, high pressure power washing, flame blasting, concrete scarifying, wet scouring, wire brushing, etc.


Allow the surface to be totally dry before application. On metallic surfaces, remove all traces of rust to conform to Sa 2.5 on the Swedish de-rusting scale.




Primer Coat


The components of the base coat (PR-100A and PR-100B) are mixed thoroughly in 2:1 ratio by weight and applied over the clean surface either by brush, trowel or lamb's wool roller. Use 150 grams/ sq. m to obtain a thickness of 125 microns. Apply the next coat over the primer coat after 5 hours but not later than 48 hours.


Second Coat


For a self leveling second coat, mix SL-300A with SL-300B in the specified ratio and spread over the surface using a saw toothed trowel. The mixture is poured in strips over the surface and then spread evenly with the trowel. Marks left by the trowel are eliminated by going over the trowelled material with a spiked plastic roller.


The desired thickness per coat is obtained by controlling the quantity of material that is spread per unit area. To obtain a 1 mm thickness of the self leveling coat, spread 1.3 kg of mixture over an area of 1 sq. m.


For epoxy mortar screeds, the liquid epoxy components are first mixed thoroughly and then filler aggregates AG101 are slowly mixed into it. The mixture is laid over the base coat before it gels using normal brick‑layer's tools. Mortar screeds are usually laid in strips. Battens laid alongside the strips help to ensure the required thickness and level. As soon as the screed is laid on both sides of the batten, they are pulled forward and the space that is left is filled with more of the same mortar.


Third Coat


A third and final coating may be applied over the second coat only if a higher thickness is required. It is a repeat of the second coat. This coat is usually applied over the second coat after 5 hours but not later than 48 hours. Though light walking over the floor coating is permissible after 24 hours, it is advisable to wait for 3-4 days before full traffic is allowed to move over it.





Protecto-Ezeflor can be used in a wide range of commercial and industrial locations such as:


 -Food & beverage factories   -Textile and paper mills
 -Engineering workshops   -Chemical plants
-Kitchens and bathrooms   -Restaurants and canteens
-Watch factories   -Pharmaceutical plants
-Power plants   -Tobacco processing factories
-Electronic plant   -Metal working facilities













Protecto-Ezeflor components should be stored in a cool and dry area. They can be stored for 12 months in their original  un-opened container. While handling, all contact with eyes, skin and clothes should be avoided. Implements used for  application should be cleaned with thinner, xylene or  toluene.




PR-100 A, PR-100B

150 g/sq.m for 125 micron thickness

SL-300A, SL-300B

1. 3 kg/sq.m for I mm thickness




  • Pot Life (25 C) - 2 hours

  • Touch dry time (25 C) - 4 to 6 hours



Self leveling Floor

Mortar Screed Floor

Compressive Strength


800 -1200

800 - 1200

Tensile Strength


100 -130

100 -130

Flexural Strength


450 -550

300 -400

Bond Strength


75 -100

75 - 100







All Protecto-Ezeflor formulations are subject to strict quality control, innovations and improvements.

The above information is given on the basis of our best knowledge and information and is for your guidance only.

Specifications, however, are subject to change and no guarantee is given or implied.

Last Updated - April 2013




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