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Roof Coatings



What is special about your roof coatings?


Our Ezecoat coating system is a polyurethane based liquid coating system which sets to give a seamless, highly elastic and waterproof layer that is UV resistant as well as abrasion resistant. The elasticity helps it expand and contract with changes in ambient temperature without cracking.


Can people walk over the Ezecoat surface without damaging it?


Terraces coated with Ezecoat can be opened to light walking traffic without any problems.


My home is in a high rainfall zone. Can I still use Ezecoat?


Yes you can. All you need to do is increase the number of coats applied to compensate for the additional wear and tear due to the high rainfall.


Can I apply an additional topcoat of Ezecoat 500/600 after a few years?


Yes you can apply an additional topcoat of Ezecoat 500/600 if you apply a coat of our Wallgard 10 primer before the topcoat.


Will the sunís rays damage the Ezecoat waterproofing layer?


Our Ezecoat 500/600 topcoat is specially designed to protect the waterproofing layer from the sunís UV rays.


Can I apply the Ezecoat system if the substrate is wet?


A wet substrate will not allow the primer coat to penetrate into the substrate and will result in weak bonding. Hence we recommend that you wait till the surface is dry before application.


Can I apply Ezecoat on my interior walls to prevent water seepage into the walls?


Waterproofing coatings must always be applied on the side where the leakage originates. If the coatings block the water from the negative side, the water will find alternate routes and spread to more areas; thus magnifying the problem. Also, the bricks in the wall will always remain wet and will weaken in strength. Hence we recommend application of Ezecoat only on the positive side.


Will application of Ezecoat on a terrace help reduce the temperature below?


Yes, Ezecoat has excellent heat reflective and insulating properties which greatly reduce the heat transferred to the concrete slab below. Hence the temperature below the slab is also reduced.



















































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