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Protecto-Woodgard is a revolutionary, eco-friendly Polyurethane based wood polish made with a proprietary water-based technology which provides 100% wood protection. It is brought to you by IPMC, Pune, the pioneers in manufacturing of polyurethane coatings since more than 25 years. It gives the wooden surface a superb, rich finish that will last for years and yearsProtecto-Woodgard is available in glossy as well as matt finish.




Why use Protecto-Woodgard instead of Melamine polish?


WATER BASED: Unlike solvent based melamine wood polishes, Protecto-Woodgard is water based thereby eliminating any irritating and hazardous solvent fumes during application. Both the applicator and the customer do not have to face any obnoxious smells and health hazards when Protecto-Woodgard is applied.


OUTSTANDING UV & WEATHER RESISTANCE: Protecto-Woodgard is far superior to melamine in outdoor applications due to its excellent UV resistance and ability to withstand changes in weather conditions.


HIGH HEAT & STAIN RESISTANCE: Unlike melamine polish, Protecto-Woodgard is unaffected by spillage of tea, coffee, gravy, etc. and retains its gloss for many years. Hot objects too do not leave white marks.


EXCELLENT ANTI TERMITE PROPERTIES: Protecto-Woodgard has superior anti-termite resistance which enables it to protect wood from being destroyed by termites and insects.


DURABILITY: Protecto-Woodgard has better toughness as well as scratch and wear resistance than melamine and hence preserves the wood and keeps it looking unchanged for several years.


EXCELLENT WATER AND CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Protecto-Woodgard is superior to melamine in preventing wood from being damaged due to exposure to water. It also shows good resistance to dilute acids, alkalis and oils.


SUPERIOR FINISH: Protecto-Woodgard enhances the beauty of the grains and texture of the wood and gives it a richer look than melamine polish.


ECONOMICAL: While applying Protecto-Woodgard, there is no extra expenditure on thinners and cleaning solvents as there is in the case of melamine polish. Protecto-Woodgard is highly cost effective in the long run.



Application Procedure:


Application of Protecto-Woodgard involves the use of two products:


1.  Protecto-Woodgard Sealer

2.  Protecto-Woodgard (either glossy or matt or a mixture of glossy and matt)



Indoor Usage



Surface Preparation:


Sand the wood/veneer surface along the grains using emery paper no. 180 followed by emery paper no. 320. Clean surface by removing dust and grease.




If the natural look of the wood is to be retained then skip this step. If a stained finish is desired, apply a ready-to-use wood stainer with a brush or muslin cloth. Alternatively, you can prepare and apply your own stainer by mixing pigment powder in Protecto-Woodgard-Sealer and thinning it down with water (1 part Protecto-Woodgard-Sealer is mixed with 3 parts water).




If you do not wish to seal the pores in the wood, then skip this step. If the pores in the wood are required to be filled, apply Protecto-Woodgard-Sealer liberally using a brush, spray gun (requires dilution with water) or a muslin cloth. If a muslin cloth is used apply the Protecto-Woodgard-Sealer using a circular motion. Allow it to hard dry for 3-4 hours. Rainy days may require longer time.


Repeat filling operations, if necessary, till all the pores are completely sealed. Smooth the surface using emery paper no. 320.


Note: Sealing of pores is essential if a high gloss, mirror like finish is required.




Use Protecto-Woodgard-Glossy to obtain a high gloss finish and Protecto-Woodgard-Matt for a matt finish. You can mix the Glossy and Matt topcoats in any proportions for different levels of gloss.


Stir well before using Protecto-Woodgard. Thin the material with 10-15 % water. Apply two or three coats of Protecto-Woodgard by spraying (about 1.8 kg/sq. cm pressure) or by brushing with a high quality brush.


Keep a gap of 2-3 hours between coats. Apply evenly in very thin coats to ensure quick drying and a superior finish. Allow the final coat to dry thoroughly.


Note: The coating may appear soft if the lower layers have not dried thoroughly before the next coat is applied. In such cases the coatings may take a few days to achieve full scratch hardness.



Outdoor Usage


If the polished wooden surface is to be exposed to outdoor conditions, the staining step mentioned above is not recommended. The rest of the application procedure will remain the same.






Colour and Appearance:

Milky white liquid

Protecto-Woodgard Coating System


Top Layer

 Sealer Layer

Stained Wood

Topcoat Coverage:


9-10 sq.m/kg spraying

10-12 sq.m/kg brushing

Tack free time (25C):

Approximately 30 minutes


After 2-3 hours



Storage and Precautions:


Protecto-Woodgard should be stored in a cool and dry place.

It can be stored for 12 months in its original, unopened container. While handling, all contact with eyes, skin, and clothes should be 


Implements (tools) used for application of WOODGARD should be cleaned with excess water.

In case of accidental swallowing, drink a large quantity of water and seek medical help.

In case of any splashing in the eye, rinse with cold water for 10-15 minutes.



WOODGARD formulations are subject to strict quality control, innovations and improvements t o comply with our high standards.

The above information is given on the basis of our best knowledge and information and is for your guidance only.

Specifications, however, are subject to change and no guarantee is given or implied. All Rights Reserved.

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